Monday, August 3, 2020

Senador Cynthia Villar Reply To Medical Frontliners Regarding Covid19

Senador Cynthia Villar Reply To Medical Frontliners Regarding Covid19

Vice President of the Philippine Coggege of Physicians Dr. Marica Limpin is asking for the government to bring back ECQ for just 2 weeks. But instead of appreciation, Senador Cynthis Villar gives selfish remarks regarding the medical fronliners. 

We know the government can not help the society if everything is back to ECQ. I am just hoping the Senador Villar would watch out on the words she uses, and try to see everything on the perspective of the other party.

"Pagbutihin nila ang trabaho nila."

They are actually doing their job. But they might not be able to handle it anymore.

We're hoping 

Senador Cynthia Villar Reply To Medical Frontliners Regarding Covid19

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Last Shelter Survival Gamer Attitude...

It's amazing how you'll actually learn how different people behave and treat other people because of their culture. Last Shelter Survival is an online mobile building and survival game where you can join an alliance, group or clan. You make yourself strong, upgrade your base and fight along with your alliance against other state. A state may have one or more alliance. Different culture of real people can be in an alliance and in a state. As you play the game, you'll see how it is just like a real war game :) Like how one will react in such survival situation. - There would be gamers who are good with "negotiations", like telling the other states or alliance for a truce, or to go against another alliance, or to not kill each other and so on. These games may come from whereever country they are. It's the attitude I guess, the talent, the sales talk. - There would be those who are war freaks against their enemies that would literally wipe out the entire doomsday-related structures in an event with no mercy even if the other end is calling for mercy and surrendered. Yes, this is a war game folks. Different alliances acts differently. But... - ...But there would be those who are actually very bias like destroying and attacking even if there is no war event. It's like in real life wherein there's a peace talk, and yet the other side attacks. There are alliances of THIS/THESE PARTICULAR COUNTRY(IES) who are known to be such d*ckh3@ds. If you play this game, you'll know hahaha... These country (or countries) actually look down on other country/culture, in game and in real life. - There are also literal b*tch35. And I mean literally. The gamer would have online relationship with one gamer in each alliance in the state. Unharmful online relationships I guess. But still... This one depends on the attitude of the gamer. They are just around. - There would be those who are too "relax", like they do not care if their state is at war, or they do not need help, or whatever. There are alliances from these particular countries who are like that. There are pros and cons. There alliance might hate them for not working that hard for the state. But there would be those who love it. - I also came across this gamer who look down on other gamers because the gamers can't chat with the English language. And look down on South East Asians calling us "monkeys"! This gamer just hates us because we came from, well, a South East Asian country. And surprisingly, this gamer came from a country known to be racist to other culture. Gamers are real people, just in the "game". Real attitude of the gamer would submerge during stress moments on the game, or when faced with what they hate on the game. The gamer's country of origin and country plays a role to how they react towards other games. But I believe it only count a portion. Attitude of the person as oneself plays the biggest role on how they represent themselves towards others. I THANK YOU :P #LastShelterSurvival

last shelter survival gamer attitude
(image credit to the owner)
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Friday, March 1, 2019

It's been a year...

It's been a year...
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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Legacy of Discord | Trying out as a Sorcerer

Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings

I just saw this game and was just trying this one out. And as always, I am a... Sorcerer

Legacy of Discord is a multiplayer action RPG mobile game. Join an guild and earn more rewards! Lots of dungeons to kill boss and enemies.

I am kind of addicted with this game :)
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Sunday, December 24, 2017

How to Activate Google 2-Step Verification Security Video Tutorial

It's been a wild internet world! If you are a basic user of Google products, or maybe a company, or a network marketer, you'll actually never know how unfortunate you'll be when it comes to the hands of the hackers.

If you are a Google user, like you have Gmail, Blogger, YouTube, AdWords, Adsense or other Google products, you might want to add an extra security to our Google account. And that's what this tutorial is all about.

how to activate google verification

So how does Google 2-Step Verification work? You would need your mobile number set. Everytime a correct email and password combination is submitted, anyone who logged in would be able to access everything. But with the 2-Step Verification, there would be a prompt in your mobile phone asking you if you want to continue the log in.

Here's the video tutorial:
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